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A lifelong artist hailing from the Erie area, I began my apprenticeship under Joel “Suga Bear” Brennan in late 2016. Although I strive to learn and execute many styles of tattooing, I am drawn to bold linear designs, as well as black and grey. Interests include: cats.

Rachel was very professional and efficient. She explained the entire procedure before we started and explained how to care for the skin after we were finished. The facility was very neat and clean. I highly recommend them.
— Cheryl Macey
Just got my first tattoo yesterday, and I was so scared and nervous but Rachel made me feel a lot better and very welcomed! She was so sweet and nice and was thrilled to be able to do my first tattoo! She was very reassuring! Stopped a couple of times to make sure I was okay and I was doing good! She also explained the whole procedure before starting the tattoo, and after wards explained how to care for it, and gave me a little care with care instructions! I am already planning out my next tattoo, and I am going to make an appointment at Steadfast with her in the next couple of months! Thank you so much for making my visit memorable and for making me feel safe, and giving me an amazing tat!
— Alyshia Steenburgh