In 1999 I started tattooing in my hometown of Kingston, NY. After years of traveling abroad I found myself in Erie, Penna. in 2012. Having reached a peak of progression my next step was to open a shop where I could continue to grow and foster a higher level tattoo experience. While being well versed in many styles of tattooing, I specialize in Japanese, Traditional American and Black and Grey.


I am an Erie native who started her adult life as a Registered Nurse, but was given the opportunity to pursue a career in tattooing and jumped at the chance. I now balance life as a wife, mother and tattoo artist and couldn't be happier with the new direction life has taken me. I love tattooing in a Traditional American style: bold lines and bright colors.


A lifelong artist hailing from the Erie area, I began my apprenticeship under Joel “Suga Bear” Brennan in late 2016. Although I strive to learn and execute many styles of tattooing, I am drawn to bold linear designs, as well as black and grey. Interests include: cats.